Acupuncture involves the placement of very thin needles on certain points on the body that lie along the energetic pathways, also known as meridians. These needles can be used to help stimulate the body’s innate healing capacity and treat numerous conditions. Most patients see improvement of their condition within 6 treatments, though many see improvements much sooner. As opposed to Western Medicine, we aren’t masking your symptoms with pharmaceuticals. We are treating the root cause of your condition, which can take longer.





82% of the world’s population rely on herbal medicine as their first choice in treating their ailments rather than pharmaceuticals. As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I am extensively trained in the prescription of herbal formulas designed specifically to treat your condition and to prevent illnesses.






Cupping involves using glass cups and creating suction to treat primarily musculoskeletal pain. It is akin to having a deep tissue massage and feels great!







iStock_000002664912_resizeNUTRITIONAL COUNSELING

Chinese Medicine also involves nutritional counseling. Our view is that food is our primary medicine. If one would like to have good health, addressing the diet is essential.








Modern research is finally catching up with Chinese Medicine in recognizing how our stress levels and emotional states affect our health. This is another area in which Chinese Medicine really stands out and is my primary specialty. I teach breathing exercises, meditation and Qi Gong exercises so that you can take your health into your own hands.