ID-100139034“Danny’s attentive and nurturing nature is apparent and put me at ease from the first appointment.  He is very knowledgeable about TCM and all sorts of health-related issues, and answers my *million* questions thoroughly, which I greatly appreciate!  When you get treated by Danny, he provides more than just what’s required in the appointment: he gives you the option to learn qi gong moves or take herbs that will supplement the treatment you had.  He is truly a wonderful healer and teacher, and has a lot to offer.

        A note of magic: I had an acute case of a muscle cramp in my leg that had recurred a few times in the span of two weeks.  Danny performed the balancing technique with ONE needle, and literally, within 1 hour, the cramp was 85% gone, and completely dissipated by the time I thought about its lack of existence the next day.  I was shocked by this method and excited at the same time!  And it’s still a cool story to retell.”

                            -Naomi T.


 “From the first moment you are welcomed and calmed by his great energy, Danny defines excellence with his Acupuncture treatments. Danny has helped me successfully with focus on such areas as allergies, sports injuries, nutrition, relaxation, and immunity. He always has great lifestyle tips and advice which are consistently spot on. I look forward to my session for not only the terrific experience, but also to learn so much. Each session brings the rich history of Chinese medicine, past and present, full circle with Danny’s great wisdom and rock solid ability. I highly recommend a treatment with Danny if you would like to improve your overall wellness.”

                          -Aaron M.


“I saw Danny for acupuncture treatments for my emotional blockages and negative patterns in my life.  The treatments blew me away, but what really made the most difference to me (and allowed me to move through the emotional “stuff”) was Danny’s support and experience.   Danny is intuitive and has a loving compassionate energy that really helped me feel safe during my treatments.  I always looked forward to these appointments, because I knew he genuinely wanted to do everything he could do to help me.  This included not only the acupuncture itself, but also advice about my lifestyle, meditation tips and advice, teaching me qi gong exercises to help with stress, and answering my many questions.  I felt like Danny was an invaluable partner in my healing and working with him really helped me change my life for the better…”

                           -Laura J.


“Danny has been a huge help to me in my quest for health, both physical and spiritual. He is re-assuring, intuitive and understanding. Maybe most importantly I feel safe and cared for when Danny works with me. He is a practitioner with a very deep knowledge of multiple systems of alternative medicine and I highly recommend him.”

                         –James L.


“Danny is an empathetic and skillful listener, and his treatment plans and technical skills have helped me greatly, both with chronic knee pain and with opening new spiritual doors. I recommend him unreservedly.”

                         -Heather M.


“Wellspring Acupuncture saved me!  I have had a bad back for years and when I re-tweaked it recently was told it could very well be a slipped disk.  My wife had tried acupuncture before and recommended I consider it.  She helped me find Wellspring Acupuncture and I thought I would give it a go.  I was honest and told him this was the first time I was trying acupuncture and asked if it would work even though I didn’t necessarily believe in it…. Danny was kind and confirmed that acupuncture works with or with out belief.

        Sure enough, in 2 minutes I could bend over at the waste and by the time he left the first time I could touch my toes with out pain. Folks, if you don’t have back problems you may not get it but this was like a spiritual experience here.  From not being able to sit with out holding my breath to touching my toes?!  I admit, I welled up a bit.  I blamed it on allergies mind you but I nearly broke down and sobbed on the poor mans shoulder with relief. This was the fastest recovery I had ever experienced in 10+ years of struggle.  What normally would take 4-6 weeks to just two and I was at least 80% on the way to recovery within the first hour.  

        I have since gone back to Danny for several other sessions related to other health issues and continue to be very pleased with the results I get from the visits. In addition, Danny has been forthright regarding his areas of expertise giving me confidence that if I or someone I knew needed treatment for something he may not be able to deliver the best results for, he would refer me with out hesitation. All around, coming from a “non-believer” my experience with Wellspring has been fantastic and I highly recommend a visit for whatever ails you.”

                             Jason J.


“Going to Wellspring Acupuncture is the best hour I spend on myself every week- it has been life changing and the improvement in my quality of life was immediate. I came to Danny an emotional mess and he knew exactly what to do – he helped me connect everything back to my body and talked me through what he was going to do to help. He is fantastic and I would recommend him to anyone!”

                              –Rachael R.


“Well, now that I see how great all the reviews are I’m not sure what I can say that is different or helpful…   I’ve been to a lot of acupuncturists over my 68 years and Danny is right at the top.   He’s knowledgeable on a deep level, caring, professional yet warm, and very skilled.   He really lets you know that you are not just another patient, but that he is working to improve YOUR situation.   He really listens and takes seriously any info you provide him.   He’s greatly helped with my achilles tendon pain, and I will return to see him many many times for any and all future issues.”

                                -Nancy M.


“This was my first experience with acupuncture and I’m hooked. I tried it because I got hit by a car while cycling and had been told by many friends, to try acupuncture. Danny is very knowledgeable but he’s also such a kind genuine person. He’s helped my recovery drastically and alleviated a great deal of pain. He’s really helped me heal in more ways than one and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to try acupuncture.

        Injury aside, if you’re an adventure junkie/endurance athlete I swear by acupuncture and would recommend Danny to everyone I know. I’m very thankful for his practice and the healing it has provided me. Thank you Danny!”

                                 -Beth W.


“I came to see Danny in a place of intense neck pain and lack of range of motion in the neck and emotional turmoil.  The treatments I received helped with both.  My neck immediately felt better and after four treatments I felt more balanced in all area of my life.  My anxiety and sadness dissipated and I feel more capable to live my life in a way more aligned with my ethics and less of a victim to my addictions.  Very transformational experience!!!!! So grateful to Danny and his mindful practice!”

                                  -Dana B.


“I’ve been seeing Danny primarily for my sciatica for a few months now. He came recommended by my boyfriend that had already been a patient of his for some time. Seeing the positive results first hand made me want to give Danny a try. I was reluctant at first just because I have never done acupuncture and I’m not fond of needles, but Danny’s compassion and great listening skills helped me through it all. He’s knowledgeable, thorough, gentle and has effective methods that make me look forward to our sessions. He’s is a true healer and a gifted individual. I highly recommend him to anyone. If you’re thinking about trying acupuncture for the first time or you’re looking for a fantastic acupuncturist, Danny is your man.”

                                   -Yolanda L.


“Danny has helped me recover from a chronic shoulder injury that had started to progress into my chest and neck.  After 2 visits, the pain is gone!  I am able to do all the activities I used to do prior to the initial injury – and better.  I am very grateful for his therapeutic and energetic healing touches.  I had tried acupuncture in the past without success, but this time, it worked and seems truly magical and unbelievable.  Thank you Danny!!”

                                   -Kim L.


“After trying all kinds of remedies/procedures for the neck and shoulder pain I have had for years, I decided, on recommendation from friends, to go to Danny for acupuncture treatment. I was never a “believer” in acupuncture before, thinking it sounds a bit too alternative and hippie for me. But I will be the first to admit how wrong I had been. First of all, Danny’s sensitivity and integrity in regards to his patients makes it very easy to feel relaxed and safe. His knowledge and compassion make you feel like he really cares about helping, and his gentle and skillful application makes the acupuncture session a joyful and relaxing experience. Already after the first session I felt major improvement in neck and shoulders, and I am now a huge fan of acupuncture and its healing powers. I will give Danny and Wellspring  Acupuncture my highest recommendations, you will not be disappointed.”

                                 –Lisa S.


“I saw Danny for a first time acupuncture treatment and it was great! Danny is kind, gentle, understanding, intuitive and knowledgeable. The space is calming, open, and nurturing. The thorough interview process was necessary, I felt, and refreshing. Danny is a great listener.  The treatment itself, had me quietly in tears when left alone. I had not felt this connected to myself spiritually, mentally, and physically in a very long time. The stretching/breathing movements Danny showed me are really helping me find peace in my day and helping to reduce my back pain. Coming away from this, I have more of an awareness of the little things I can do, daily, to help myself. Danny is a gifted healer, I believe. I can not think of a reason why one would NOT visit Danny at Wellspring Acupuncture. Thank you Danny.”

                                –Victoria C.


“I am 53 years old and travel extensively for my work.  I am exposed to every sort of bacteria and virus imaginable. A friend suggested I contact Danny so I reached out to learn more.  His warm demeanor is comforting and his deep knowledge of Chinese medicines/alternative therapies is quite impressive.  Danny has provided me with an array of all natural immune boosting defense mechanisms which has dramatically reduced my sick days.  When I have become sick, he has offered remedies which shortened the length and severity of the sickness.  I highly recommend his services!!”

                               –Scott M.