My name is Dr. Danny Geren, L.Ac. DAOM and I am a primary care provider of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.


One of my main goals in providing acupuncture and Chinese medicinal herbs is to be a partner in your health. It has always bothered me that when I went to a doctor they would spend so little time with me. So I structure my practice so that I can have plenty of time to compassionately listen to what you have to say and truly be on your team for your health and wellbeing.


This medicine is so exciting to me because it is all-natural and truly treats the whole person. We are so much more than a series of parts. We need to be seen as a whole with everything connected. Chinese medicine provides the lens through which to understand and treat this. This goes beyond just acupuncture and herbs, as I give many other alternative suggestions that can help specific conditions. For example, we can look at the foods you eat and lifestyle choices you make to see how these could be affecting your health.


One of my passions is also education, which is why I am faculty at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a deep desire of mine to demystify Chinese medicine. I love when my patients truly want to understand their conditions. I also love that Chinese medicine provides an avenue to not only treat your physical ailments. It can also treat the deeper emotions that are affecting your health.


Through all the work that I do, it is common for patients to say how much acupuncture and Chinese medicine have changed their lives. They also say that they always leave feeling better than when they came in and that the improvement continues for days beyond the treatment. This brings me such joy because this is exactly the same experience that I had when I was first introduced to this medicine. Where western medicine just wanted to give me pharmaceuticals that simply masked my symptoms and provided me with bad side effects, Chinese medicine cured my condition! I also always left a treatment feeling peaceful and at ease!


My Specialties:

  • Acute & Chronic Pain Relief

  • Anxiousness, Stress & Emotional / Spiritual Well-Being

  • Neurological Conditions

  • Digestion, Immunity & Disease Prevention

  • Internal Medicine

Short Introduction / How I Got Into Chinese Medicine: